Kickstarter Spot - Bambooti - A Wooden Back For Your Mac

It occasionally amuses me that lots of us spend a relative fortune on smartphones, tablets and computers only to cover them in cheap plastic and rubber.

Companies like Apple spend millions on crafting great design and we bury it under garish colours or a printed montage of selfies.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to protect your investment from being damaged, but if you’re prepared to spend that much on a device, why not consider a little quality in the cover spend too?

I was recently contacted by the folk at Bambooti, who are running a kickstarter campaign for their new range of wooden Apple Macbook covers and I was struck by the attractiveness of their designs.

When you think of a real wood cover for a laptop, it’s tempting to imagine a great big block of timber crushing down on your dainty MacBook Air - but the product is actually a 0.7mm veneer from a selection of 5 woods, that is custom lasered with your choice of logo.

Anything associated with a laser is cool. End of.

Anything associated with a laser is cool. End of.

Because the wood is genuine, the grain and the laser etching mean that each and every cover is unique and because it’s sustainably sourced, the impact on the environment should be much lower than those nasty plastic alternatives.

Whilst you should probably avoid taking your laptop out in the rain, a few spots won’t cause your new cover to take root and sprout branches - no, during the hand-finishing process, it’s treated to a layer of vegetable oil based coating. This means it should stand up to the rigours of life just fine and once it’s time to move on, the Bambooti cover simply peels off without leaving a mark.

The founders, Pieter Van Moll and Freek Gielen have already hit their goal on kickstarter and they deserve to do well. I particularly like that, along with the company’s green credentials, they also want to make a difference. They support Eyes For The World, a project to supply self-adjustable glasses to those with poor eyesight, who are without access to proper treatment. A very worthy cause.

Check out the Bambooti Kickstarter campaign here