Timer+ for Pebble - An Attractive App for the Black and White Wonder

There are some very beautiful apps out there these days. Not just the ones sporting great art or photography, like Pinterest or Spotify. Even productivity apps like list app, Wunderlist, and Google's 'Fit' health tracker use attractive design and typography to make using them an absolute pleasure.

I love my Pebble, in fact you can read how much I love it here, but neither it, nor its apps are beautiful, at least not in the traditional sense (although the watch has a chunky charm).

Rolex shouldn't worry too much - but it has a certain chunky charm about it

Perhaps appealing design is too much to expect given the technical limitations of the watch, with its simple black and white screen. But it certainly makes it all the more pleasing that this week I discovered an elegant beautiful Pebble app when all I wanted was a stopwatch!

Timer+ is a free Pebble app that can either act as a standard stopwatch, or it can be a countdown timer.

The timer was set for one minute and twenty-two seconds remaining

You reset to zero by holding in the middle button. Press it again and the count begins! Minutes and seconds are counted to two decimal places and around the outside of the circle, the bezel turns from white to black and back again across a minute.

To use Timer+ for a countdown just reset and then use the top and bottom buttons to set minutes and seconds then hit the middle button to start.

The timer kicks off with the outer bezel now changing to black to signal progress to zero.

It all looks really nice with neat animations and it functions perfectly. You can even leave Timer+ running in the background and go back to your favourite watchface. When zero arrives, the app will spring to life vibrating away.

Today it's letting me know when my slow cooked curry is ready, so my only real criticism is that it's not counting fast enough!

Sadly Timer+ cannot speed up time

Sadly Timer+ cannot speed up time

Have you spotted any apps for Pebble that not only work great, but look great? Let me know in the comments section and the best I'll use for future posts.